Behavioral Assessments


  • PPA DISC (Thomas International)*
    The PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) is a very useful tool to identify and map behavior of one or more people in a department/workgroup in 4 dimensions (Dominance, Influence, Stability and Compliance). In just 8 minutes (online) the participant answers the assessment questions which results in a complete report with an initial personal profile, details of their strengths and limitations, communication style, their value to the company, what motivates them, their biggest fears and how he or she behaves under pressure*. The report is followed by feedback so that the person has the opportunity to analyze the data in the report, clarify doubts and understand the next steps suggested for his/her development.
    360 GLA (Global Leadership Assessment) is a feedback tool recognized by the Harvard Business School and that allows, in a clear and precise manner, feedback from leaders, peers, subordinates and other professionals relevant to the process, as well as a self-assessment of a collaborator/employee to be evaluated towards improving his/her performance. The process is helpful on identifying skills that need to be developed, improved or revised. When used strategically, the process drives company growth, aids communication between hierarchies, as well as team restructuring, promotions and training planning.