Behavioral Assessments


Behavioral assessments allow an individual to better understand their strengths, and their points to improve, to interact, understand and adapt better to the surrounding environment, create action plans, and effectively make better decisions in their self-development and career. We offer two tools: PPA (DISC) for individuals and companies, and 360º FEEDBACK, just for companies.

  • PPA DISC (Thomas International)*
    The PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) is a very useful tool for identifying and mapping the behavior of one or more people in a department/workgroup in 4 dimensions (Dominance, Influence, Stability and Compliance). The analysis details your strengths and limitations, communication style, what motivates the client, and how the client behaves under pressure, among other aspects of the profile. The report is followed by feedback so that the client can analyze the data in the report, clarify doubts and understand the next steps suggested for his/her development.
    The 360.o GLA (Global Leadership Assessment) feedback is a feedback tool recognized by the Harvard Business School that allows clear and precise feedback from leaders, peers, subordinates and other relevant professionals to the process, as well as a self assessment of an employee to be evaluated with a view to improving their performance. When used strategically, the process drives company growth, helps with cross-hierarchy communication, as well as team restructuring, promotions, and training planning.

Find out more about how behavioral assessments can enrich your knowledge about yourself and help companies map individuals and groups to achieve even more results!

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