Workshop: Female Leadership

What is Female Leadership? Workshop dedicated to professionals from all moments of their careers, approaching the topic in an uncomplicated and contemporary way, evaluating the current scenario, recognizing important leadership skills and presenting solutions to improve them (from the female point of view and experience) to that all women (who want to) can assume and live their desired leadership.

Workshop: Transformative Leadership

How to turn people into leaders?
Themes: leadership, communication, motivation, agenda management, delegation, follow-up and feedback.
Workshop dedicated to first-time leaders (men and women) or those who wish to review leadership and people management skills in current coordination, supervision, management and board positions.

* In partnership with Silvio Celestino, author of the book “O Líder Transformador – como transformar pessoas em líderes“.

Other workshops with female leadership related themes and / or personalized, available upon request.